Keoki Wallace

a Renaissance Man for the Age of Social Media

The term "renaissance man" has been defined as "a man who has broad intellectual interest and is accomplished in ares of both the arts and the sciences", as "a man of any period who has a broad range of intellectual interests", and as "a man knowledgeable or proficient in more than one field". These describe Keoki Wallace.


Keoki Wallace has more than 30 years of executive suite experience in the government, private and public sectors. This experience includes business management, law, finance, taxation, accounting, public relations, banking, hostile take-overs, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring,  manufacturing, real estate, insurance, marketing, public relations and film production.

Keoki's job titles have included Chief Executive Officer, General Counsel, Director of Public Affairs, Director of Marketing, Director of Public Relations, Chief Financial Officer and Adjunct Professor, where at Brigham Young University, he has recently taught:


  • BUSM 242: Ethics and Business Law.
  • BUSM 232: Mathematics of Finance.
  • BUSM 301: Business Finance.
  • BUSM 308: Entrepreneurship Practicum.
  • BUSM 320: Business Communication, and
  • BUSM 421 Integrated Marketing Communications.


By specializing in reducing chaos to manageable elements, Keoki Wallace's renaissance skills can assist you in obtaining your success!

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Keoki Wallace

a Renaissance Man

for the Age of Social Media